Basic Curriculum Plan

A new and enhanced curriculum program has been developed. Designated the "Basic Curriculum Plan," each trimester will include courses from the four categories that represent the design of the curriculum.

Based on the goal of presenting at least four courses each trimester, the courses presented each trimester should fit into these four categories:

  • Course one:  Core Curriculum Course
  • Course two:  Course from Part IV
  • Course three: A. Theme or Topical Course (or)

                         B. Course on Marriage and the Family

  • Course four:  Course Designed for New Readers


The first category, designated Core Curriculum, is a three-year plan in which a specific area of study is identified as follows:

  • (Year one) Part I The Central and Superuniverses
  • (Year two) Part II The Local Universe
  • (Year three) Part III The History of Urantia.

This three-year plan will be repeated and ongoing, with new courses added every three years for each of the areas of study.


"There was intellectual attractiveness and spiritual drawing power in his  [Jesus’] authoritative manner of teaching, in his lucid logic, his strength of reasoning, his sagacious insight, his alertness of mind, his matchless poise, and his sublime tolerance. He was simple, manly, honest, and fearless." [1589.5; 141:3.4]

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