Teacher Facilitators

Requirements for service as a UBIS Teacher-Facilitator are:

  • an experienced reader, familiar with the entire book, having read and studied The URANTIA Book, over a period of several years
  • has read the entire book at least once cover to cover, and is in agreement with its teachings
  • successfully completed at least three UBIS courses, and received recommendations from three TFs
  • completed the Teacher Training Program (TTP), approximately five weeks in duration, and received a recommendation from your TTP instructor
  • possesses computer skills with ability to troubleshoot minor problems
  • has adequate time to commit several hours a week for five months for the creation, design, and facilitation of a course. Approximately two months of course preparation and three months facilitating the course is required.

UBIS needs experienced readers with educational skills, either formal or informal, computer skills, and the desire to dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to serve as a TF. In general, to qualify, one must be a lifelong learner and a persistent truth seeker who delights in sharing truth with others.

"The true teacher maintains his intellectual integrity by ever remaining a learner."—Jesus [1433.2; 130: 3.7]

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